Guided hiking tour

The villa borders the forest of the Bukk National Park. Here you will find many special plant and animal species. If you do not prefer walking in the forest all by yourself, you can discover the forest under the guidance of our expert guide. He comes to the forest almost daily and will show you around and tell you about the forest. For guests who do not speak Hungarian, we’d be happy to arrange an interpreter.











Hungarian cultural day with workshops

Tardona has an active culture association that aims to keep the rich heritage of Hungarian rural culture alive. The association is regularly booked for singing and dance performances at festivals and parties in the region. Would you like to learn more about Hungarian culture? Then we have a unique opportunity for you. The cultural association of Tardona offers a program specifically for your group, where you can experience the various Hungarian customs through workshops. There are wine tasting workshops, Hungarian crafts, Hungarian pastry baking, learning to dance the famous Hungarian Csárdás, Hungarian Goulash cooking. Guaranteed an unforgettable experience. The program is provided in the association’s building opposite the villa, across the road.



Spending the night in the middle of the national park

A few kilometers from the villa, in the middle of the forest of the national park, is a hunting lodge that is part of our estate. It has a living room, a sleeping floor with mattresses and a covered outdoor terrace. You can stay here if you wish. Campfire, serenity, come to yourself. It feels like going back in time, back to basics. A unique experience. You can walk there from the villa or we will bring you with a 4-wheel drive. Become one with nature. An experience for example for father and son or for you with your partner.



Customized offer and prices All arrangements and services are tailored to your wishes. Ask us for the possibilities and prices. We would be happy to offer you a customized proposal.