When world-renowned Hungarian writer Jokai Mor fled from Budapest in 1849 to escape the Habsburg power, he found a shelter in Tardona. Away from the noise of the big city. No stress, no worries. He retrieved piece of mind and wrote a book in which he narrates lyrically about his new temporary home with its beautiful forests and fields.

Almost 170 years later the village of Tardona, 2 hours to the north east of Budapest, still has this quality of relaxation and quietness. A place to come to yourself amidst unspoiled nature. An area without mass tourism, no highways. At night, you will often see beautiful stars and the air is clean.

At the edge of the village stands the villa, the backyard of which overlooks the Bukk National Park. While enjoying a delicious Hungarian wine on one of the terraces of the villa at sunset, you can see deer grazing at the edge of the forest. Moments to cherish.

This region is an unknown part of Hungary, with many pleasant surprises, because the region has a lot to offer: thermal baths, castles, picturesque villages, wine fields, beautiful nature and friendly people. Due to these characteristics, this region is often called “the Hungarian Toscana”. The villa is for rent for groups up to 12 people.

Countryside Villa Hungary
Akácos út 1
3644 Tardona – Hungary