In January 2005, we bought the villa, garden and orchard, that were at that time no more than a deteriorated place. In the years to follow we renovated the house and the garden during the holidays and built a pavilion and an outdoor swimming pool.

What began as a holiday hideaway grew soon into a bigger project, with the purchase of two additional buildings, forest and farmland around the villa. It prompted more control of us to grow further. In 2008, we moved from the Netherlands to Tardona, together with our son Bastiaan who was then 1 year old. In 2009, our daughter Amber was born and we continued building our dream. For six years we ran a bed and breakfast and conference facility in the villa and in the two buildings across the road. We received guests from all over the world.

To be closer to our family and because we wanted our children to attend a Dutch elementary school, we moved back to the Netherlands in 2014. Running a bed and breakfast remotely does not work well, but letting go of this beautiful spot we did not want to. We love Tardona and the people of the village. For three years, we used our villa only as our holiday home. But the place deserves so much more and there should be more people to enjoy it.

In the summer of 2017 a great Win-Win idea emerged: the cultural association of Tardona needed a clubhouse. They would like to use our conference house. In return, they wanted to return a favor. That was the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. While we handle the bookings via internet based in the Netherlands, our Hungarian friends in the village make sure that guests get all they require and that the villa and gardens are always tidy and pristine. We hope you will enjoy Tardona as much as we have done for years.

Karin Gabor, Michel Daenen, Bastiaan and Amber